What are the types of Finances?


Finance is the way which helps you manage money that includes activities like investing, borrowing, lending, etc. The role of finance is very crucial, which is the backbone of every activity. These types can be broadly divided into two types Debt financing and equity financing.


Debt financing: Debt financing is an easy way to get in cash as it can help ensure that you can run or maintain your business. Debt financing does not give the moneylender ownership of the business but rather can agree upon a certain rate of interest, which is generally determined on the basis of duration, inflation, loan amount, etc. This can further be divided into long-term, short-term and medium-term finances.

Equity Financing: This is a typical route for a business to take, which can help raise capital by offering or issuing a share of their company. This is a major difference when it comes to debt financing. These finds are used seed funds to help with new businesses and start-ups. This helps raise additional capital which can help your business expand. These finances are generally raised to help expand the equity stock, offering os the business.


In general, there are three main types of finances which can help you with your personal or business help. These finances include Personal, Corporate and government.

Personal Finance

Personal Finances is the process which allows the whole process of planning and managing personal financial activities. These processes work well with income generation, spending, saving, investing and other kinds of protection. The process generally involves managing one’s property and finances to help summarise your financial plan within a budget.


Corporate Finances

Corporate finances deal with the capital structure of a corporate this involves funding, and the actions management can take to increase the value of the company. Corporate finance includes tools and analysis which if the utilised right can help prioritise proper distribution of financial resources. Having an ultimate purpose can easily maximise the value of a business which can be easily implemented through management resources which can also help balance and risks or profitability of the company.


Public/Government finances

Public finances can help with the revenue, expenditure of the company. Public Finances can help manage various components of public finances and help you easily understand the numbers. This helps determine the financial position of a company which can help produce the right business financial statement.


In conclusion

If you are an owner of a company, finances is one of the primary goals which can help take knowledge of the types of finances which can help run its operations. This makes it easier for one to select the right types of financing options which can help suit your unique business situation better.


What are the types of Finances?
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